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                                                                                                    What’s Your Home Worth?



What is your home worth?

The cost of your home is the key ingredient in deciding if you should sell your property.  If you are looking at how much you owe on your home or how much the next home you plan to purchase will cost, you will not be looking at an accurate number at all.  The value of a home changes all the time.  In fact, what you bought it for a couple of years ago really has little to do with what it is worth right now.

To learn how much your home is actually worth, you need to take the time to have an appraisal of the home done. By doing this, you will be calling in a professional whose job it is to put a value on your home.  These cost any place from several hundred dollars to several thousand.  While most home buyers that are using a mortgage to purchase your home will have an appraisal done on your own, it is optimal for you to know what your home is worth before this.

If you put your home on the market for less than it is worth, it will sell quickly and you could have potentially lost money. If you put your home on the market and it is priced too high, it may take a long while to sell or it may not sell at all.

In an appraisal, the professional will take into consideration all aspects of your home including how old its systems are. Then, it will compare what your home has to those homes in the area that have recently sold. There are formulas to help them to determine the value of your home. Within a matter of days, you will learn what the true value of your home is.

There are many benefits to using an appraisal when selling a home. You can learn what things you can improve to maybe get a little more value out of your home. And, you may be able to find the right price tag to put on your home.  Every home owner believes his home is worth more than it actually is. But, with an accurate appraisal, you can sell your home quickly and make money off of your investment.

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