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                                                                                                    Outside The Home



Outside Your Home : First Impressions

The first impression of your home that the buyer will get is what is outside the home.  When they pull up in the driveway, they will know if this is in fact something that may be a good choice for them to buy. There are several things that you should do.

Take a look at your home from the curb. Look at the things that stand out as good points and those that look bad. Are there shingles that are missing? Perhaps the railing is falling down. Fixing anything that you can see needs to happen...

Clean up the landscaping to insure that it is neat.

Make repairs to anything that seems broken.

Paint anything that is showing signs of wear, especially if there is paint chipping.

Is the lawn plush and green or full of weeds?

Is the driveway in good repair?

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