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                                                                                                    Getting the Most for Investment



Getting the most for your investment

When selling a house, every single seller out there believes that his house is worth more than it is. It is just the simple way of things. Yet, what is important to know is the actual amount of its worth. To figure this out, you will need to have an appraisal of the home done. Many times the buyer will have this done as well. In any case, there are some things that you can do to spruce up your home to make it more appealing and maybe even raise its value just a little.
Here are some tips you can easily do to your home to help it to sell better.
  • Clean it up.  One of the biggest drawbacks to a home from the buyers point of view is a messy house. Get rid of the clutter. Go out and buy storage boxes and tuck al the unnecessary things away. Also, clean the windows and sills, the fans, the carpets and the walls. Get down there and clean those baseboards too.  Keep your landscaping neat and clean too.  A clean, organized home is a welcoming home.
  • Touch up paint. If you have a bright pink room and the buyer only has boys, they are going to be turned off by the pink factor. Invest in a few gallons of paint. Look for neutral tones that are soft and warm. These will help not only to give it a more neutral look, but it will also create a cozy living area.
  • Small updates help. Get rid of the old seventies style ceiling fan. Pull down the décor that is outdated. Fix up small broken things like closet doors, holes in the walls and broken light fixtures. These little things are instant, “Oh, its broken” things that the buyer is going to remember.

By taking the time to really spruce up the home and make it as modern as you can, you can actually get more for your money. One thing you will want to talk to your real estate agent about, though, is major projects. Just because you invested $30,000 into a home that you are selling does not mean that it will tack on $30,000 to the price. Small things are a great way to get more from your home.

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